About Us

As we spend increasingly more time on the internet, digital marketers are working harder and harder to find ways to make money off of you. Right now, their strategies are so elaborate that it becomes very difficult to spot a lie or a straight up scam. And even though some of these tactics are completely legal, not all of them are ethical.

From fake online gurus, get rich quick schemes, buying/selling likes and followers, selling YOUR personal data, to pop-up ads, we plan to expose them all. Ever wondered how do people profit from selling your email? Ever wondered why pop-up ads keeps on showing up? What is the motivation behind this? And more importantly, how are the people behind this profitting?

Our job is to dig deep and figure out the inner workings of these unethical money making tactics. We find out how it works, how are they profiting from YOU, and most importantly, what you can do to prevent it.