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Hide yo emails! - Unethical Marketing Exposé

Your email is valuable, and you should be careful of who you give them to. There are many companies that shall not be named, like the one shown below that is doing this.

Business email database

If you noticed, the site above is claiming that they are selling these emails with the permission of the users. Which begs the question: When was the last time you agreed to sell your email?

They can get around this by hiding crucial information in fine print, such as their terms and conditions simply because NOBODY reads that stuff. And we're not asking you to read every single terms and condition either (although if you have the time, you should be reading that stuff).

Here's an easier way to find out if companies are selling your emails.

Next time when you're asked to provide your email, do this instead. Let's say we want to register for an account on Instagram, instead of typing youremail@gmail.com during registration, you should enter **youremail+instagram@gmail.com**. You will still receive the email at your_email@gmail.com.

Now, whenever Instagram emails you, the email's TO: header will be towards your_email+instagram@gmail.com.

Email header

And ONLY Instagram should be sending you emails with that header. When you start receiving emails with the header TO: your_email+instagram@gmail.com, it'll mean one of two things:

  1. Instagram has been compromised (someone manages to gain access to their database of emails)
  2. Instagram sold your email to the highest bidder 🤷‍♂️
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